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    • February 09, 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
    • Alone Together 2022 Virtual Personal Tax Update

    Registration must be completed by November 25, 2021 at 12 pm!


    Check out the 2 different registration types and register using the one appropriate for you (Electronic or Mailed Textbook)!  Individual registration not thru the group is $364, so check out the savings!  By registering with the CPA Club Group you receive the Early Bird Group Discount, the COVID-19 Continuity Discount, and if you choose to receive the textbook electronically versus paper you receive that discount too! 

    Please ensure complete information is included for every registrant as this is the information provided to Video Tax News!  

    1. Should we not have enough registrants, an additional charge will be required.

    2. NAME CHANGES may be made prior to the commencement of the seminar at no charge. However, a written notice by email (info@videotax.com) is required. Please note the registrations cannot be split and the same person must attend all sessions. If the name change is completed after the seminar material has been shipped, it will be the registrant’s responsibility to ensure the new attendee receives the textbook.

    3. CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION — Registrations are confirmed once the registrant receives a confirmation email from Video Tax News. If you are missing it, please call 1-877-438-2057. 

    4. TRANSFERS between Tax Update Events: Transfer requests must be received in writing to info@videotax.com. Transfers received more than 7 days prior to the earlier seminar will be subject to a $35 fee. No transfers will be processed within 7 days of the earlier seminar. Please note fees are subject to tax. Registration rate differences may apply. Depending on timing of the transfer, we may not be able to guarantee the printed textbook will be delivered in time. Options can be discussed prior to processing the transfer.

    5. EMAIL ADDRESS for each registrant is required. (Please note: We are not able to process registrations unless a unique email address is provided for each participant.)

    6. MAILING ADDRESS is required for any registrant requiring textbooks to be shipped to a different address than the main contact. If a separate shipping address is not received, all textbooks will be sent to the main contact and it will be your responsibility to distribute. Printed textbooks will be shipped to all attendees (unless the registrant opted-in for the “ELECTRONIC TEXTBOOK ONLY DISCOUNT”) two weeks before the start of your session. As there may be unforeseen delays outside of the control of Video Tax News (such as a postal strike or Canada Post hub shut down due to COVID-19), on-time delivery cannot be guaranteed.

    7. GENERAL POLICIES - The disclaimer, privacy policy, and copyright apply to all business communications, as well as all paid and free Video Tax News services. Seminars are intended for accounting and financial professionals and are not open to the general public. Prices are subject to change without notice. The materials are for the registrant only.      

    8. PD CERTIFICATES — VIRTUAL LIVE PARTICIPANTS: Once participation is verified a 6.5 hour certificate will be immediately available for print or download. A short true/false quiz may be required for verification. ALL PARTICIPANTS: From March 4, 2022 - April 1, 2022 an update video and short quiz (about the update video) will be provided to all registrants. Results of 70% or higher will result in a 0.5 hour PD certificate.

    SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:  please click here.

    What’s Included With Registration?

    A comprehensive Personal Tax Update course instructed by a panel of Canadian tax specialists

    Over 400 pages of detailed notes

    Printed and Electronic PDF textbook with linked sources, Technical Interpretations, court cases, and articles

    Personal Income Tax Return Checklist

    A follow-up 30-minute webinar with post-publication developments and a summary of trends collected available March 4, 2022 - April 1, 2022

    PD certificate for up to 7 hours (see terms and conditions for details)

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